Bulletproof Way to Increase Conversions On Your Shopify Store

Are you struggling to get some sales from your Shopify store or just working on growing your overall order volume? This simple-to-implement conversion hack will almost definitely improve your conversion rate by 5-300%. Those are huge numbers from the minimal work you’ll be doing to get there.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Offering your customer’s a no-frills money-back guarantee moves the risk from them onto you, making it much easier for the customer to bite the bullet and order from your store. Sales increase’s can be huge, as documented by many studies and anecdotal reports from business owners. However, you will likely see a bump in returns, but this will be slight, and negligible compared to the conversion boost you get by offering it. So long as your customers are getting the products they ordered, they will be happy.

Neil Patel of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar reports a sales increase of 21% after implementing a money back guarantee and a 12% refund rate, leaving him at total revenue boost of 6.4%. That’s a huge boost and that return rate can be mitigated by utilization our amazing Shopify Customer Service Hack (it is actually recommended as they go hand in hand).

Trust Badges

By far, the easiest way to make your money back guarantee visible is to display it loud and proud on your product pages with a Trust Badge, like the one below.

Trust badges are easy to find online, but it is important to find one that matches the aesthetic of your online store so not to break the user’s interaction with the site.

Here are a few examples:


You can snoop around the web for these by typing “Trust Badge” into Google Images, clicking [Tools], then [Color] and select “Transparent”. This will show only images that have transparent backgrounds that won’t mess with your web design.

If you can’t find one you like, you can always have one made specifically for you site for $5-10 on sites like Creative Market or Fiverr

Trust App

The free Trust App from the Shopify App Store is a must have for every Shopify user as it adds a simple toolbar on your site to help earn the confidence of your visitors.

Once you install Trust, enable every trust badge you feel comfortable with.

I recommend having the following functions enabled:

  • PCI Compliance
  • SSL Certificate
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Secure Infrastructure

Store contact is not necessary but recommended.

Trust – Visibility Settings

By default the Trust app displays with a white background that can be rather obtrusive. Fortunately, the app allows for transparencies which gives us the ability to make the Trust bar show just as icons on the screen.

To set this up, open up your Trust settings, click the [Seals Look & Feel] tab, scroll down to [Display Customizations]  and paste the following value into the [Background Color] field:


This will make the Trust icons much less obtrusive to the visitors of your Shopify store.

And here’s what you’ll end up with at the bottom of your page! Make sure to set the alignment right. I have mine on the bottom left as I have my free Tawk.to live chat button on the right

Free-quently asked questions

To wrap everything up, you’re going to want to setup a nice page that quickly and easily outlines all of your policies to save you and your customer’s time with back and forth emails.

By far the easiest and cheapest way to accomplish this is with a FAQ page built with HelpCenter. HelpCenter is a free app that will automatically setup a frequently asked questions page for you to easily add entries to. You can play with the color settings to get it match with your theme and then add it to the relevant menus on your site. I recommend the main menu and the footer for easy access.

The HelpCenter main menu

To add HelpCenter to a menu, select [Online Store] from the Shopify Home Screen.

Then select [Navigation]

Then select the menu you want to add your FAQ page to (Main Menu, Footer, etc.)

Select [Add Menu Item]

Type in “FAQ” (Or whatever you would like your FAQ page to be titled), select [Web Address] from the Link drop down, and then type in /apps/help-center

Boom! There you have it! Your FAQ will be on the menu you entered it into.

What type of GUARANTEE?

You should offer your customer the best guarantee you have confidence in. Jeremy Reeves from Cray Egg once offered a 35x your money back guarantee and saw a 25% improvement in sales. Jeremy was only able to offer this because he was so confident in his product, and the people he was marketing to, that he knew his returns would be small compared to the total profit earned by including the pitch.

However, most of us will want to go for something less risky. The standard money back guarantee is a 30-day one, which, while nice, is saturated and doesn’t stand out. If you really want to stand out, consider multiplying that number…how about 90? How about a whole year? You might be worried about scores of customers flooding your customer service email asking for refunds on the 364th day, but take a moment to remember that most customers will be happy with their purchase if you are indeed selling what you are advertising, and won’t want to go through the hassle of trying to get a return (even if you make it very easy for the customers who do).

We can further reduce the rate of returns by employing the amazing Shopify Customer Service Hack. This way you will maximize your profits while still offering your customers a fantastic shopping experience they can feel confident in.


So there you have it! A sure fire way to increase conversions and boost the trust of your customers. This is especially valuable if your business relies on impulse buys as the money-back guarantee is very effective at easing customer apprehensions and pushing them through that conversion funnel.

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